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What makes RulettMania® different from others?


We don’t just TALK about success, but we can prove it with hundreds of screenshots from real games. – During the last 2 years the 54 member team has come up with dozens of roulette strategies and tested them on numerous occasions. – The numeric based roulette strategy developed by Luck Hunter (Szerencse Vadasz), which has been being taught since 2008 in Hungary, has never been introduced anywhere else before. – On our RulettMania® website you can learn about unique logics and strategies that we guarantee you have never seen before!


We’ve just launched RulettMania® website. As you can see from the statistics it has already become quite popular in Hungary. Many roulette forums lost popularity because their members chose our RulettMania® instead. At the moment the content of our site is rather basic but there is a lot to come in the near future! We are planning to start a blog where Luck Hunter (Szerencse Vadasz) is going to teach and give further explanation on the numeric based strategy through lessons.

The 6 programs in our Web Shop is only the beginning! New programs are constantly being developed so it is worth to visit our website from time to time. Our Trend Hunter program is a base program which can be used on its own. But it is very important to know that the rest of our programs cannot operate without Trend Hunter.


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For Winning Games’ proof videos please visit:  http://rulettstrategia.blogter.hu/ You will see that this is something you have not seen before! (The page is in Hungarian at the moment but the numbers and pictures can clearly demonstrate the essentials! Go ahead, it is worth to see!

Good luck to you all, however not so much needed if you JOIN US TODAY! ;)

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